###Denied### [Ban] coroag Admin Abuse
Username: coroag

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:89939650

Reason: I was playing on I.C.F. Hide and Seek, when an admin, coroag, was on. He constantly kept on toggling no-clip for some reason, which to others, we assume, using it for unfair advantages. He also teleported a player somewhere, which is another thing that other people may think is for unfair advantages (although we may not know if the player was actually stuck). Another thing is that coroag kicked someone for "Prop spam", which is technically not possible in hide and seek (unless it was a slip of hands which coroag might say, though it may show how careless he is). If I remember correctly, he teleported the player and noclipped twice on poporoom, and noclipped twice on nuclear power.

Evidence: Images of Command Executions

Server's Gamemode: I.C.F. Hide and Seek #2 Low Gravity

Server's Map(s): de_rats_poporoom_b3, and ttt_nuclear_power
Another thing - when I was on sledbuild, he physgunned people to the top of the race track against their will, disturbing them building sleds. When people were on top of the sled pickup area, he physgunned them down, saying it is for "professionals only area".

the evidence is here: imgur.com/a/17Fs7
Me too. When I was on sledbuild, I built a staircase to the top of the sled pickup area, allowing people to get access to more building space. Then coroag just came in and deleted all of the props, and I told him I was doing nothing wrong so why did he delete it. He said "I know you guys are still mad at me (refering to me and him having and argument) but I won't tolerate disrespect." I responded with "I'm not showing any disrespect, I'm just wondering why you deleted my props by force. I did nothing wrong. It's just you abusing your power." Then he said "I don't want to deal with this, I'm leaving." The admin, Sanic, was on to witness all of this. These words are something he said, though its not 100% accurate as I am trying to remember.

If you think it's because of me having beef with coroag, it's not. I don't diffrentiate between friends and normal people, like when I was an admin.
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woof :3

"The admin, Sanic, was on to witness all of this. These words are something he said, though its not 100% accurate as I am trying to remember." I was on to see the sledbuild pickup area thing, though i wasn't for the rest of the stuff. Knowing B00ty he doesn't lie, even if he did, there are logs and other witnesses (I'm not saying he lied). I told coroag "any beef between players that started out of the server should stay out of the server" (on my mic) and I'm not sure what he said, but I recall he didn't want to hear it from me.

Anyway, lately he HAS been picking at me, B00ty, and a few of B00ty's friends. This started when a kid named "soontekoh" (he is on B00ty's friend list) was kinda yelling for the fun of it on the hide and seek server about 1 and a half week ago. All I said about the kid was "he's triggered" which is a meme that coroag can't take. So he said that 'we were making fun of the kid', but soontekoh was going along with the joke because he understood it. Soontekoh was saying he was 'triggered' for the fun of it. I asked him if he was ok with it and he said he was. Then coroag was looking for another way to 'pick on us'. Soontekoh had a kind of high pitched voice, but I asked people if they were ok with him talking on the mic and most people said yes. I'll admit myself, as time went on soontekoh did get a little bit annoying. But I did ask him to stop talking. and he did. Maybe I should've tgagged him but I'm not as harsh as coroag became over last week, I normally give them one chance only to stop and then I tgag them if they don't. after soontekoh stopped talking coroag still made a vote to tgag him and people said yes, and coroag tgagged him. and after that coroag went off and supposedly messaged u, Jon, about the situation. And after that coroag started to become a little hypocritical in telling us to take our admin rank seriously and went and abused noclip and teleport on hide and seek. he's already recieved a warning for stuff like this in the past. I know what it feels like to have beef and be alone on your side, but its also hard for me on this side cuz coroag was a good friend of mine for almost a year and he started to change for the worse.


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