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Missing Admin
Almost a year ago, I made an admin application, and it ended up getting admin. I got admin and everything but then I went off to college and had little to no time to play. I remember telling Jonathan this, but I don't remember him responding. I ended up coming back and found that i no longer had admin. Please help me.
I find it a little hard to believe this honestly. You applied for admin and said that you were 15. A year later you would be 16. Unless it is due to certain circumstances, one wouldn't be in college at that age. Also, know that being inactive is the main reason why that you got demoted. You also told me before that you got grounded and couldn't play for a while. That is also your fault for not listening to your parents (or it could be anyone else that can ground you). Not to mention, I think that you are lying as well. I see you on Steam all the time, playing games other than Garry's Mod. You only have yourself to blame.
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