###Denied### [Application] Application of XxShadowxX
In-Game name(s): [Police] [GF] XxShadowxX  

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85079681

Steam community page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/icf1222

How old are you? 13

Do you know how to use ULX GUI? I am getting better at it, like I think it goes like this, "!Ban (Player)"? It's been a long time, since I used ULX commands, like maybe 2 years...

Are you admin on other servers? Yes plenty, I was admin on a server called "GFL" It's a pretty big server.

Why should we accept you (150 words at least)? I see others as higher ranks then me, I feel I should be accepted because I have been a lower rank then others for so long now, It's time that I show this server what it needs. I have been playing on this server from the first time I logged on. It's been a great time with this server and I think I could be a great admin and I could really help with this server, Once I get a job I can start donating for this server, this server has it's "Good's and Bad's" And I think I am on the top of the list, and all the admins on this server respect me and I am great friends with a lot of them now.

What will make you a better choice than others (75 words atleast)?  I Have fun, I make it fun for others too, for an instance, Somebody loses all there "Shop points" For an unknown reason I will give them all I have, If somebody is getting bullied I will take that matter into my own hands, If somebody is getting death threats I will cheer him up and I will talk to him/her if needed anything to help a another person no matter the case.

What ICF server are you playing? Hide and seek #?

Roughly how many hours a week can you devote to the server? 15/20
Jonathan is a bit busy these days with work and stuff. You might not expect a reply for a while.

Though here's a tip.
Why should we accept you (150 words at least)

This requirement is a bit behind, with 126 words. You should try writing a bit more to raise your chances to be accepted. It'll also prevent you having to wait longer if there are more requirements met.

You don't have to really listen to me... since I don't really hold much of a position. This is just a tip to help you out a bit. 

Other than that, good luck with your application!
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woof :3

You are inactive. Application denied.

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