###Denied### [Application] /VC\[ⒿⒻ!]Ҳτгεӎε Comet
In-game name: /VC\[ⒿⒻ!]Ҳτгεӎε Comet
Steam community Profile page: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013624027/
Steam ID (Taken from steamrep): STEAM_0:1:26679149
Age: 21
Source Admin Menu: Fluent
Admin on other servers: Was admin since the beginning of ICF
Devoted time: As much as needed
Reason? I want the servers to prosper and continue to grow. I know my fair share about being an admin, since I was an admin at the start of it all. I also have the right to prove that my previous actions will not effect me any longer. I can, and will, show that I can be a great admin.
Why should you choose me: I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else. I'm just hoping for a chance to redeem myself. For all that happened in the past, it's going to stay there. Time passes. I can repay my debt by being one of the humble admins on the ICF servers. If this doesn't sway you. Then so be it. But if it does, please take it upon yourself to let a past mistake make it back to where he belongs. When I was forced to leave, I left looking back at what I've done. As many say, the anticipation is better than the reward. And that's true. I wanted to live on forever, I wanted people to like me. This may sound cliche, but I took to Video Games because I wanted to be someone I wasn't. I never had a strong connection with anyone at school. I enjoyed playing games. But inside I knew, I could never be that guy on the screen.
Alright, I little off topic. But this has gone on for quite a while, and I noticed how little I had written for the reason you should accept me. So when you read this, please think of the previous paragraph I just wrote as an answer for both questions. I just put a little bit up on that question because I never had any idea that this question would be the way to, truly, make me think in a different frame of mind. If you read this, Icy. Then please message me. We could look back on the good times we had. Maybe even relive them. Hope to see you soon Bud.
One missing question: What ICF server are you playing?

You dont meet this requirement: You must play at least 20 hours on Team Fortress 2 over the past 2 weeks.

Your application will be reviewed on November 28-29 th. Be active.

Try to meet this requirement before the date.
CP-3x Orange minecraft map

User is inactive. Your application will be reviewed on December 6 th. Be active.
User is inactive. Application denied.

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